Saturday, November 2, 2013

MasTITis, not near as fun as it sounds!


Mastitis is an infection. What does it infect? Well the very body part is in its name, your tits. Nursing moms be warned! I've nursed 3 children and this is the first time I got this infection but come to find out its a very common boob bug. I hadn't even heard of it till my mom told me to google it. This being after I'm screaming "My boob is falling off, my boob is falling off!"

Here's another one of those things they never warned you about when you're at the hospital. The conversation can't be that hard to have with every nursing mom, something like "Oh and if you ever feel like someone is dragging a red hot dagger through your boob, yea that's mastitis and you need to come in right away!"  Seriously part of your stay at the the hospital should include an 8 hour course on things that could and will happen to your body in the next year. Then another 8 hour course on how to take care of the baby, with a pass or fail test!

To say the least it's painful. I woke up one morning in my normal delirious state of conscienceness, went to nurse my daughter and was suddenly zapped out of lala land with sharp pains burning through my boob. I tore my boob out of her mouth and gasped in pain... then yelled for my mommy. Seven hours later at the ER I find out my mom was right and I'm sent home with pain killers and antibiotics.

So here's what I learned about this infection, other than I never want it again! Mastitis is just a fancy word for when the tissue in your boob becomes painfully inflamed. Apparently this infection isn't terribly fond of the twins because it usually only affects one boob at a time. Your boob might be red, sore, hard to the touch, or unusually warm. Signs of an infection include chills, a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, and fatigue, as if being a nursing mom doesn't drain you enough.

Ok so now your asking how do I avoid this terrible boob bug? Well for starters try not to be stress out or fatigued. Right, cause that's easy! Mastitis can be caused by a clogged milk duct or cracked nipples. There is a bunch of research out there but really I don't know how I got it. All I know is you have to nurse through the pain to keep the boob empty and it hurts! Now you know what it is and knowing is half the battle!

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  1. I hear you. I had one when I nursed our older daughter, and it started with a fever and this hard, hot spot on my boob. Don't ask me how I made it through the day. I ended up being on "nursing vacation", staying home and nursing as often as I could to releave the pressure. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I agree - we're already zonked and they recommend that you relax. I have three other kids. Yeah right. But you can try and prevent mastisis from happening. I had some blocked milk ducts and you have to nurse thru it, otherwise it can turn into mastisis.