Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just dreaming to dress

Saturday - 11.30.2013

I thought I'd share some of my favorite outfits. I tend to go toward the grey and black stuff. Some of these seem so easy to pull off with stuff I already have. My biggest problem is I'm still in that weird in between spot with my jeans. I'm still wearing jeans I wore in the middle of my pregnancy, although those are starting to get to big and fall off me. But the next size down doesn't quite fit yet, so I really just need a good pair of jeans!

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  1. Are those actually your clothes?? I love the style! I love the jeans and the boots and the jackets and that really pretty tangerine-ish diagonally-buttoned cardigan. I wish I could put together outfits. I have the individual pieces (most of the time), but I have basically no style. My mama always makes fun of me because I wear a solid shirt, solid pants, solid shoes, no accessories. I mean, it's J Crew and stuff, so it doesn't look bad. It's just... simple.

    Maybe you can throw together a tutorial of how to use your pieces to make interesting outfits!