Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Fave # 15

Friday - 1.18.13 

I know I'm super late getting this up, but I got to sleep-in today so give me a break! This week has been crazy, my office chair tried to kill me, resulting in a sore body and more bed rest. Seriously how does one get in a car accident while sitting in their office chair??? Well, if there is a way I will be the one it happens to! My boys are gone for the day so mama is going out! Funny how when I mention to one friend I will be manless it turns into 10 women abandoning their husbands and children to go out for sushi! I love my friends.

Ok so I am SOOOOO excited to announce I did a redesign for Enjoying the Epiphany and it came out so stinkin' cute! Here's my post telling all about it if you want to know the details! Oh and I have so many Giveaway's going on right now, go check them out! Let's see the last thing I always have to mention, if you want to co-host Tuesday's Tea Party here's the sign-up form.

ok done with business let get on with it!

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I'm not even sure where I stumbled upon this blog, but I started getting her in my news feed and just fell in love with how cute she is, well her blog and style that is. She is documenting their home renovation project and along the way sharing the cutest fashion ideas. She has the most adorable little family and such a fun, positive vibe to her blog. This is Thistles & Twigs.

Keesha from Mom's New Stage wrote this guest post for Scary Mommy and I just loved it. You guys know how hard I struggle with finding a happy balance between being me and being a mom, Keesha nailed it! I love this post and plan on putting a few of these promises into practise! Thanks ladies for all the positive motivation to be a better mommy... even if it is scary! (Too much? Sorry.)

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