Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WW: The history of The White Rabbit

Wednesday - 1.23.13

As I sit here working on invites for The White Rabbit's baby shower, I find myself smiling. There is so much history behind our friendship, we have almost reached the 20 year mark. And were now sharing yet another huge milestone in each other life and excitingly at the same time, having babies together. I'm so excited to be able to put on her baby shower after all these year. I found a few old photo's of us, so I thought I'd share!

That her on the right end and me in white, I had just had engagement photos with my first husband done. So that put's me at 19 years old.

Me and her with my son, he's a yea old here. It's my first bridal shower.

Being silly. In that same year, so about 19 years old.

She should bring back the bangs and I totally need to chop off all my hair again!

I wish I knew what happen to that awesome jacket I'm rockin'!

Wow this is probably these last two are oldest ones I found so far. I'm 17 here, this is pre getting myself knocked up.

That's her in the grad cap and me in the blue. 

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