Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week 26 - bun in the Oven

Saturday - 1.12.13

Development: She's become a lengthy little thing! According to Baby Center she is about 14 inches, the size of an English hothouse cucumber from head to heel, but I think she's longer! She is said to weigh a little over 1 1/2 pounds.

Movement: This is my most active baby yet. Which means I will have one more kid with ADD in my house... great! I'm beginning to think that is my most dominant gene.

Weight Gain: I have a doctor appointment next week so I will find out for sure, but if I have to guess I would say I haven't gain more then 10 pounds so far. It's kind of worrying me.

Maternity Clothes: Sweats... Yeah if I was aloud to leave the house I would class it up but since I'm stuck at home sweats are it!

Best moment of my week: Getting to see the White Rabbit, so we could be miserable together!

Worst moment: Having a melt down in the middle of a Costco isle. Good thing my mom was there to get me through it, but I lost it. It hurts so bad to walk and there were so many people there on a Monday in the middle of the day, I had a panic attack followed by a melt down.

Sleep: All I can say is BODY PILLOW! Seriously go spend the $50, you'll be glad you did.

Miss Anything: Yep life!

Food Cravings: Nothing right now, literally my appetite has disappeared again.

Symptoms:  Fatigue, I've been so tired lately I could sleep for days. Oh and the heart burn, I think I need to invest in a Costco size bottle of Tums!

Labor Signs: Still having contractions, but nothing else.

Belly Button: Gettin flatter.

Mood: Getting more emotional! Arg I hate crying over nothing!

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