Monday, December 9, 2013

10 Randoms

Monday - 12.9.2013

I've seen these post all over and thought to myself it high time I did one! So today I'm going to share 10 random facts with you lovely adventurers today! So let's get to it!

Yes, it's a car selfie!

  • I love pasta. I am after all Italian, my grandfather was full blooded Sicilian and he made a rockin pasta sauce. I just wish he was still alive to teach me how to make it! I could pretty much eat pasta every day of my life and be happy.
  • I love to cook! This is part of the reason I started this blog so I could share the yummy things I make. It's funny how this passion developed though. My mother AKA the Red Queen is the exact opposite, she pretty much despises cooking. So when I was teen she would make me cook or we ate a lot of those pre package meals (even though she denies it). All this coupled with the fact that I love food and you end up with me loving to cook!
  • I hadn't planned on having children. Oddly enough I ended up with 3 and only one of those was actually planned, being the last one. I got pregnant at 17, obviously I wasn't thinking long term, so having more after that just seem logical. 
  • I prefer driving trucks. Or large SUV's, like what I drive now. I drove a lifted F150 (Sharon) for 5 years, then downgraded for a bit until my wonderful husband bestowed upon me my newest ride. Her name is Kat and I researched for months before deciding she fit the bill. I don't need flashy or lavish, I just like feeling like my vehicle isn't a wussy.  

  • I'm a tomboy. Without a doubt you will find me doing things the boys do, always have. I snowboard, ride street bikes, rode dirt bikes, use to skateboard. Yeah I like to hang with the boys and thus my troubles in life. ;) I use to think the boys were less dramatic, that is until I kept falling for them! 
  • I'm a techy geek. Okay so maybe I don't know a whole lot and I never went to college but I really like technology. That is when it works. I find it funny when I start talking all techy to someone and they are like "Whoa where did that come from!"
  • Asparagus is my favorite veggie. I'm sure by now your noticing a trend, I really love food! But asparagus melted in butter and garlic salt is so mmm mmmm good!
  • I sing karaoke. I love it, it has a certain calming effect on my soul. I get up there, belt it out and it feels so go when people are high fiving me.
  • I wear my cowboy boots everywhere. I have to admit, I've never ridden a horse, only an iron one aka my street bike and yes I wear my boots. They are the most comfortable footwear I own and I love them!
  • I love all the seasons. Each season has it's own enjoyable features. Snow and cold mean bundling up tight, cute scarfs, fires, and snowboarding. Sun and heat mean tanks, sandals, sun, camping and sand. Spring means rain and pretty flowers. And Fall means awe inspiring color. I will admit the only element I don't particularly care for is WIND! 
So there you have, we are now a little better acquainted! So now it's your turn! Tell me something about you!

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!
Stay safe, stay sane and stay absolutely splendid!

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