Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday's Fave #40

Friday - 12.6.2013

This week was a big focus on personal development. I changed up everything! Been working really hard on scheduling my time better. I have started waking up at 6 am just so I can accomplish more during the day. Seems to be working out pretty well though, other than being exhausted my 9 pm. I'm really big on to do list and that seems to be helping me get what I want to get done, done!

My son is so sweet. He got himself in some trouble this week and felt bad about it so he bought me this adorable mug. He used his own money, went to the student store at school and brought it home. He really is a good kid! Oh and do you think he know his mom is a social networker!

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So Five Minute Friday is on break til the new year, but it's okay because I really like this new blog hop I found too. It just so happens to be called "It's Okay..." So I'm going to ride this train too and then jump back on the 5MF bandwagon when it comes back around. And I found this other super fun one called "The Girl between the lines" where you share things about yourself and I'll be joining this one too!

It's okay... to say no.

It's okay... that I have to do what best for me.

It's okay... That may baby steal all the attention right now.

It's okay... that I've made mistakes, I'm learning.

It's okay... that I hate waking up early.


This weeks theme is:

I love all things cowboy.
I have a great pair of broken in, dusty cowboy boots that I wear everywhere! A perfect pair of blue jeans make my day. Country music runs through my veins and cheers my soul. there's nothing like driving down an old country road in a pickup truck. Man that just moves me!

I love how much I am in love with my hubby.
My hubby means the world to me. I know lots of people say their spouse is their best friend, don't get me wrong that's wonderful but long before I ever realized I even "liked" him, he was my best friend and I loved him then. I can't believe how much I love him now! 

I love food.
Not just for the fact that it sustains life, oh no I have a much deep obsession than that. I love to taste all the yummy goodness there is in this world. I truly appreciate that God put some much variety on this planet for us to enjoy!

This is great to hear! I wish my hubby could have spent more time at home in the first few months when our daughter was born. It's really not fair that men don't get to spend more time with their babies, I think they need it more then woman do because most woman have a instant bond with their child. It takes longer for the man to develop that.


This post is so funny, mostly for the fact that I still do this! I'll have to find the book she talks about and share it with my kids. If you need a good chuckle for the day this post will do!

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