Friday, December 13, 2013

Why who you hire matters.

Good Morning! It's a beautiful, fabulous Friday and I'm excited to be alive. This is an important reminder to business owners everywhere and to those young kids looking for work.

My experience went like this...

A few weeks ago I was in a jam, it's 10 am on a Friday, my son's suit was covered in cat hair, winkled and we had somewhere to be Saturday morning that he needed to be wearing it.

There's a newer, fancy looking dry cleaners in town that I had been going to since I moved back, but I was never that impressed. Not with the quality of their work, but with their employees. My thinking was new place + newer equipment = better cleaning job.

But it's just not worth it, here's why:

Every time I walked in the pretty girl behind the counter, is on the computer playing on Facebook or playing on her phone. Okay so she's bored, I get that, but her attitude is radiating negativity. How much she hates her job is evident just by her body language alone.

Anyway, this particular day I run in at exactly 10:10 am and ask is there any way to have the suit clean in a rush? She bluntly say's the cut off is 10am and walks back to the computer to sit down, acting like I'm no longer there!

"Wow!" I thought myself. It's not her business though, she makes a pay check whether she's nice or not. But the owner, without even realizing it, is hurt by this girl. The business is losing sales.

I quickly ran back to my car and around the corner to a ma n pa cleaners. I ran in and ask this lady the same question. She bit her lip and replied the same answer about it needed to be in by 10 am. HOWEVER, her attitude was humble, kind AND she offered to steam and hit the suit with the pressured air for me, for FREE.

Same answer at both shops. But who do you think I will forever remain loyal too? Who would you keep going back to?

To say the least the ma n pa cleaners won my loyalty.

I was reminded of this experience as I went to pick up my husband’s suit from this same cleaners today. When I got the bill and realized they are also cheaper then the fancy place, I relayed the story to the guy behind the counter. Turns out he's the owner! He was nice, smiling and grateful for my business, as I was also dropping off my comforter.

We discussed that this characteristic of customer appreciation should be taught at the high school level! Forget history, science and complicated math! I've never in all my working years used any of that crap! I can't even show my 11 year old son how to show his work for long division! But I know how to treat customers, market myself and earn a living, wheather it be online of in a store front.

Let's teach kids things they will actually use in life! Business etiquette, money management and a positive mindset! The rest should be college options if they need it!

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!
Stay safe, stay sane and stay absolutely splendid!

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