Monday, December 16, 2013

My rant on smoking

Monday - 12.16.2013

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I'm going to admit right off the bat, that I at one time, was a smoker. There now I have room to talk. I have been smoke free for 5 years, quit cold turkey. I quit because I realized that I was killing not only myself but my son too. Even if you smoke outside it drifts into the house undetected and KILLS your children! Not to mention it stinks; it lingers on your clothes, breath and in your vehicle. Something I didn't realized until I quit and smelled it on others.

Anyway my rant isn't to tell you how smoking is killing the smoker, but how even though I made the choice to quit I can't get away from it. Why? Well because unfortunately people in this world believe they have the right to do whatever they're little heart desires, despite whom it may effect. This was another reason I quit, I realized I could not "Love thy neighbor" if I was smoking.

In essence people who smoke are saying:
"Here neighbor let me blow my death smoke into the air we all share and kill you too. Oh and while I'm at, it let me kill your children too. The children you are trying to give a healthy start at life, yea let me pollute their air too."

That's so loving.

I have the right to breath clean air!

I can't open my doors and windows in my house without catching the scent of someone puffing away on a cancer stick somewhere near by. That's not fair. I can't have beautiful, fresh, clean air blow threw my home because someone is exercising their right to freedom. So my freedom is taken away by your selfishness, oh yeah I came out and said it.


Why? A smokers exercising their "freedom" means they are choosing to pollute the air.

I have made the decision to live a healthy, clean life. But I can't fully do that because some people out there think their freedom is more important than mine. But my wanting to be healthy isn't killing other people!

Please if you smoke, take action and quit. Not just because you will feel better and you'll stop killing the people around you that you love, but also because you will adding to the love, peace and humanity of this world that we all desire to live in.

~End rant!

PS I hope your one of the neighbors that I'm smelling and quit soon!

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  1. I have the same problem, every time I open a window one of my neighbors is smoking outside and it comes right in. It is horrible that I can not have fresh air come in my house. I have three young children and I cringe when they are being forced to breath it in. I understand that it is an addiction but I do not like that my kids have to suffer from it. I loved your rant thank you for your honesty!