Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Gorgeous Vintage Bridal Shower Invites

Thursday - 12.5.2013

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As some of you may know one of my besties is getting married and I am one of the bridesmaids. So you know what that means, it's bridal shower time. The other bridesmaids and I decided to make our own invites, as I almost always do! And these are what we came up with. Now that they are done though I realized just how stinkin' easy they are and how beautiful they turn out. So I thought I'd share how we made them.

First, I found this gorgeous paper. It's scrap booking paper, the card stock kind. So it came on the big 12 X 12 sheets at Joann's and I bought out 3 stores worth of paper. Did I mention it happen to be on sale for the killer price of 5 sheets for $1! Next time, I will give myself more time though, find some online and order in bulk!

My next step was cutting it down to a regular piece of paper, that is 8.5 X 11. I used my Paper Trimmer to do so, it makes perfect lines and is super easy.

Next, I came up with what I wanted it to say. I always like to look at what other people have come up with and mix it up. So here is the wording I came up with:

The big day is almost here,
There is still so much to prepare.
So as we wait for that special hour,
Let’s honor (Bride’s Name) with a bridal shower.

And then here's what the inside looks like. You can use this template on Word if you like, HERE.

We wanted it to be the long way when folded, so the wording fits a 3 way fold. I would have printed them at home, but my printer broke so I just went to Kinko's, jumped online there, logged into my Dropbox account and printed out 1 on plain paper. Took that printed copy to the copier section (it's cheaper than printing them all from the computer printer), slid my paper into the tray and volia $7 dollars later I had 60 invites!

So now we have the invites on pretty paper, but we didn't stop there. To give it just the perfect splash of color (her wedding colors), we found black lace and emerald ribbon. One of the other bridesmaids came to my house and we sat all afternoon working on them. She cut ribbon while I addressed envelopes with a Calligraphy Pen.

The ribbon is easy, the lace was cut at 11 inches each, just long enough to fit the length of the paper. The green was cut at roughly 12-13 inches. To make the notch you pinch the ribbon in half long ways and cut at an angle.

To attach the ribbon we use Glue Dots, the handiest craft tool ever invented! I used a ruler to find the center of the paper, then stuck a dot on both ends and pressed each end of the lace ribbon one a dot. I put another dot in roughly the same place on top of the ribbon and pressed the emerald ribbon down on those with little ribbon hanging off on each side. I guess you could put one in the middle of the page if you have heavy ribbon or just don't want it to move.

So that's it! How easy was that!?! Just tuck the ribbon in, stuff them in an envelope and they are good to go! Here's your finished product:

Folded in envelope

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