Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday's Fave #41

Friday - 12.13.2013

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Well it's Friday again, can you believe it! Time just fly's! I think I mentioned last week I've been waking up at 6 am just so I can get more done around the house. Well' I happy to report it's going very well! I'm getting things done!

I'm waiting for my son to get home from school so I can take him to the local candy shop and reward him for good test scores. You may recall my post about our frequent A's punch card, if no you can read it here. Anyway he get so excited to go and I just love watching him. I feel like it really means something to him.

Everyone is getting over their colds in my house. I still don't know how I was the only one in the entire house that didn't get it! I'm not pushing my luck though, chances are I'll still get and have it worse then anyone! But for now I will relish in the fact that I have a sick free house.

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This weeks theme is:

This one is a hard one for me because I don't celebrate the holiday's. I do however enjoy the winter season so I will share a few of my favorite things about that! 

Hot Cocoa! 
I found these old pic's of me and my son enjoying a yummy cup of hot cocoa. He's about 4 in these pictures! We had played out in the snow just before this. This is back when we lived in Colorado.

Now that my son is old enough to board it makes it that much more fun. I have been boarding since I was 14 and still love it! I'm no professional and now that I have kids I can't being doin dumb stuff like crazy jumps or anything, but I have fun and feel free when I go. I haven't been in two year, being pregnant n all, so I can't wait to go this season!

Cute Sweaters!
I love wearing a sweater with leggings, feeling all warm and bundly! I have been working on expanding my sweater collection. This is one of my favorites! Funny thing is I'm wearing it today!


This weeks word is: Serenity

One morning I had all three kids be myself and we were trying to get to a Bible study we attend. I rush in late and sit down in the back next to one of my good friends. As we sit I struggle to get everyone in their place, I sigh as my butt hits the bench and my friend gives me one of those "having a rough morning" smiles. 

Afterwards we are laughing about it with one of another girlfriends. She tells me I need a de-stresser (she's really big into all natural oils) and pulls out a little bottle of oil. She instructs me to put it on my neck and she squeezes a few drops onto my wrist. So as I do as I'm told, I ask her what it is, she tells me what in it ( don't ask what, I don't for the life of my remember) and say's the name of it is "Serenity".  So since my family was big into Seinfeld I start chanting "Serenity now, serenity now!" in George's voice, all the mean while I'm attempting to wipe the insides of my wrists on my neck. 

We all laughed and now it's a big joke whenever we see each other, we repeat the chant and flip like neck-less chickens.

This is such a sad story. But I wanted to share because the word needs to be spread that domestic violence, it's NOT ok. I have been a victim myself and it's scary, you don't always know where to turn. Your emotions get involved and you think you can help that person by loving them more. YOU CAN'T! They have to want to help themselves. The only thing you can do is help yourself and get far, far, FAR away from that relationship.

This poor lady left behind 3 children and had one taken along with her own life due to a violent father. She was a fellow blogger and although I had never followed her, I feel the need to share. Check out Jill's post about it and spread the word. You can also donate to the family if you wish.

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  1. Thanks for linking up with TGBTL! I'm in need of some good sweater dresses! Where do you find all of yours??

    1. Believe it or not Target is one of my favorite place to shop, mostly because I don't have time to go shop any where else with 3 kids. But I have found some great ones there!