Friday, December 20, 2013

Fly On The Wall Challenge

Friday - 12.20.2013

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Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 15 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Our house in the middle of the street

As most of you know, and if your new let me fill you in, we move into my childhood home back in July. It had to be gutted due to flooding and completely remodeled. Guess who did all the work? It's still not 100% done but it's getting there. Really it's just the little, lose end stuff we have just no desire to finish after working our entire summer away. I must have painted for weeks. I know I keep promising pictures of it finished, but it's not, so I don't want to jump the gun. They are coming though, I just need my mom to dig up before pictures. 

Anyway here are a few of my current projects or messes, yeah mostly just messes. 

This is where I work. Yes as I type I'm sitting at this pile of ...

I will eventually get an actual office, that is when my mom moves out, you see she's living in what will be my office. I can't wait to work in there, it was her office my whole life and it's all built out and set up to be an office!

This is my brother's room, we inherited him and his dog, by inherited I mean he came with the house because he never moved out. This is my living room. I love my brother, but it's really time for him to spread those bachelor wings and move! Notice the Hello Kitty fruit snacks, you guessed it those aren't my daughters! I can't complain to much, I had to move back in with my parents back before my hubby and I were married and this was my room! 

Even the cat got a new roommate! No that's not a reflection, there are actually two cats there! My mom has a black & white cat named Lucy, she's the one inside and we have a black & white cat named Cherry, she's the one outside. Cherry and Lucy play this game all day long, one wants in, the other wants out. I think they are just toying with me!

Owl Always Love You

I have a small obsession with owls, long before it became a trend. However, this trend is making it easier for me to pick up cute stuff! My whole front bathroom is done in owl stuff, yes ok you caught me it's the Target collection. There's a rug in there too, but it's dirty and in the wash right now.

And there's more! This is my favorite, a neat ring my mom picked up on one of her garage sale adventures. Then I have this cute scent/candle holder and another treasure I found is my earring holder. Oh and there's more but I didn't want to take pictures of everything! I just realized I'm going to be one of the old ladies with a ton of weird old trinkets all over my house. Wait I already am! 

Anyway I think I know where my love of owl came from. Growing up in this house there were owls that lived in the tree across the street and they would "who" all day. I've always loved the sound and now I can collect these cute little creators and decorate my house with them!

I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated to owl's, see...

Her Majesties New Throne

My baby girl is finally ready to sit at table with everyone else and eat dinner, well kinda. She got her new highchair yesterday and got to break it in right away! I had made spaghetti for the rest of the family, so I through some in the blender, chopped it up a bit and let her go to town. She loves it and her new chair. Thank you daddy!

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Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!
Stay safe, stay sane and stay absolutely splendid!

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  1. Good morning! Oh...the joys of renovation. I feel your pain...but ya never finishes their home...always something else you think of or need to do. Found your wonderful site via the Fun Friday Blog Hop. Following you now via bloglovin. Hope you can drop by my blog as well. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Anne Marie

  2. Welcome to the wackiness that is Fly! What a big job you have been doing with that house - makes me tired just to think about it. If your brother reads this post and sees that you told everyone he eats Hello Kitty fruit snacks, my guess is he and his dog will find a new place soon ;-) Just keep writing down everything he does and tell him it's for your next Fly on the Wall.

  3. I am partial to the Star Wars fruit snacks but whatever floats his boat. ;)
    Glad to see you join Fly!
    Loved getting to know a bit more about you and your beautiful family.
    I've followed your tea party for months.
    I do believe we even live on the same side of this darn windy town. Small small world.
    The .99 Cent Store has Owl band-aids right now. I might have had to purchase several for myself the other day.
    May you and your family have a fabulous New year filled with nothing but the very best!

  4. She is adorable! I bought a high chair for Carter But can't take the fact that my baby will be old enough to use it :)
    Your office is a heck of a lot neater than mine... The owl patterns are so cute!

  5. I'm already a follower of your lovely blog - I'm just stopping by from the Fun Friday Blog hop to say thanks for co-hosting.

  6. I love the owls! (Target rocks) I made owl bags for Christmas last year.
    I can't wait to see your new/old house. Who else can say they inherited a brother AND a cat?
    Congrats on the high chair; that is a HUGE deal! I miss those days :(
    Happy Holidays!