Saturday, March 9, 2013

34 weeks - Bun in the Oven W/ Pics!

Saturday - 3.9.2013

Development: Little miss is about 4 3/4 pounds like cantaloupe and is almost 18 inches long. She packing on the fat!

Movement: She's really learning how to throw her weight around! She loves to spend an entire day at a time with her entire body on one side or the other. So much so I think I can see butt cheeks! She definitely discovered my ribs now and is infatuated with my hip bones.

Weight Gain: Go to the doctor Wed so we'll see for sure, but I'm guessing I'm right on track with the pound a week diet. Hope I can get on that diet in reverse as soon as she's out!

Best Moment: We did family baby bump pictures and although the over all day was stressful with a real chance of rain, we got some great shots and I can't wait to debuted the shoot!!

Worst Moment: Can heartburn fill up more than one category! It's been alarmingly bad this week.

Sleep: Yes please! Well the between having to pee at least twice a night and the impossible, unforgiving heartburn I'm starting to believe I'll get more sleep nursing every two hours.

Miss Anything: Sleep! But we've established this.

Food Cravings: For the first time in this pregnancy, something healthy! Salad!!!!

Symptoms: Irritability has sent in with all the non sleeping I'm doing. Also, RLS (aka restless leg syndrome) has also creeped its ugliness up in my biznass. I've been getting Charlie horses in my feet! I'll never forget the first time I got one. I was pregnant with my son (I was 17), spent the night at my grandmas and got one in my calf. I thought I was dying, I started screaming, my grandma came running in all paniced. But she knew exactly what it was and told me to stand up on my tip toes but I was freaking out so bad she practically had to yank me out of bed and force me! Goodness me thats what I get for getting pregnant young, guess now I'm a pro at all the uncomfortable pregnancy pains.

Labor Signs: Still good, just gotta make it 2 more weeks and I'm in the safe zone!

Mood: Been a little emotional, but still keep things positive!

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