Monday, March 11, 2013

A smile is worth far more than $1.70

Monday - 3.11.2013

Have you ever done something nice for a stranger just for making you smile? It seems to be a virtue that is being lost in today's world. I'd like to state ahead of time I'm writing this post not for the self recognition but for the need of change. So how much is it worth to you if a stranger makes you smile, I mean really smile, like makes your day smile. They say something nice about you or tell you a joke and you actually feel good about yourself or the moment when you walk away. 

Well my smile was worth $1.70, well that's what I ended paying for it, but in the bigger scheme of things it was priceless. What am I rambling about? Well let me tell the story and at the end ask yourself if you would do the same. If not, make a commitment to yourself that next time presented with the opportunity that you will, thus the beginning of change.

The other day I walked into the grocery store, my mind fixed on the three things I need and the fastest strategy for getting them and getting out. As I walked toward the automatic sliding door an older gentleman, I'm guessing in his 60 walked at an angle toward me in the same direction. We reached the doors about the same time and exchanged a smile, as he noticed I was pregnant, he smiled bigger and said "You know how that happens (pointing to my belly), by eating too many watermelon seeds!" He chuckled, I chuckled and replied "Yea I really gotta lay off them seeds!" 

As he walked his way and I walked mine we exchanged "Good days" and I thought to myself... You know that took some bravery on his part. Pregnant woman can be so fickle about what strangers say to them. But for me, this pregnancy has been so miserable that being able to laugh about it with a complete strange felt good. Not to mention I thought his comment was original and cute.

I got the two things I need in the store and as I walked toward the Starbucks inside the grocery store for the third thing on my list, guess who was also walking toward the Starbucks line. We reached the line at the same time, he let me go first and noticed me holding my belly this time (not to mention how bad I waddle right now, it's obvious I'm uncomfortable) so he say's "Looks like you need a cart to help carry that melon!" 

Now some pregnant woman might take offence to a comment like that, but again it just made me chuckle because honestly he nailed how I feel right on the head. Obviously this man has children and has watched a pregnant wife waddle uncomfortably around. As we stood in line we chatted about our kids, his are all older so he gave me his warning that they do grow up and this crazy thing happens, they start thinking they are smarter than you. We laughed and than it was my turn, I ordered my coffee and then said "And whatever the nice gentleman behind me would like." The barista's face lit up with a smile and said "He usually gets a something, something, something venti, is that ok?" I said "Yep sounds great." As I'm sure you quickly gathered like I did he's a regular, he said from behind me "Did you just buy my coffee?"

I'm smiled, nodded and said "Sure did." He gazed in amazement for a moment and then asked "Why?" The golden ticket, I replied "Because you made me smile." He put his hand out, told me his name, I shook his hand, replied with mine and he thanked me. The bewildered look on his face as he walked away to fix up his coffee was enough for me. The same barista handed me my coffee a few minutes later and thanked me in the most sincere tone using my name. I walked out feeling very good about the moment. 

When I got in my car and went to put the receipt in my wallet, I noticed the total wasn't very much for having bought two coffees. The barista match my good deed by only charging me for a tall instead of his venti. So one good deed deserves another, as they say (although I'm not sure who they are). I can only imagine that the rest of the day that man and maybe even the barista wore a smile, maybe they did something else nice for someone else, I don't know. That's the beauty of doing something nice for a stranger, you don't know how deeply your good deed could effect them, but the way it effected the rest of my day was more than worth the $1.70 I spent on that cup of coffee.

So I challenge all of you! Do something nice for a stranger, don't expect anything in return but a smile. It doesn't haven't to cost anything, but if we all keep in the for front of our minds that we are looking for opportunities to do nice things for other, we won't have the time to be pissy or mad when someone cuts us off, takes our parking spot or say's something rude. Kindness goes along way, pass it on!

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  1. What an awesome post! You are so right. Times have definitely changed and what people did years ago they are no longer done.

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