Saturday, March 16, 2013

35 Weeks - Bun in the Oven W/ Photo Shoot (Sneak Peak)

Saturday - 3.16.13

Ok so I didn't get to write yesterday's Friday's Fave with my weekly recap and I have a very good excuses, which I will tell you about in a few minutes. So today is gonna be a recap and baby update and mostly just a hoopla of everything.

So the reason I didn't write yesterday even though I had totally intended on it, was my bestie, The White Rabbit, went into labor. If you have been following you know she was 4 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy. Well at 9:30 am I sat down to write and got the call. So then I had to throw red hair dye on my head because my baby shower is today and I couldn't take the orange hair anymore. Then shower and had to rush to find a sitter for the Dormouse because The Red Queen was too busy getting her hair cut. Of course, getting out of town can't be easy and I had to make a thousand stops on my way to the hospital, which is in ghettoville downtown Los Angles. I finally got there at 2:30 pm because of course traffic in downtown LA, in the middle of the day is like following a heard of pregnant elephants. 

Baby Chase born at 4:36 pm
weighing in at 7.14 pound & 20 inches.
I meet her hubby in the lobby and he takes me up, being the modest man he is he ask if she's descent as we approach the curtain, but before she can ask "Who's with you?"  I push him out of the way and announce "I don't care if she's descent, I've seen it all anyway!" I was so wrong by the way, NOW I have seen it all! Anyway she laughs knowing it's me and the nurse fixing her up gives me a giggle. The nurse seeing that I'm equally as ready to pop sets me up in a chair bed with blankies and everything. Now we wait, laying around talking while other friends come n go. Next thing I know it's like 4:25 pm and the doc comes in for the first time to check her out. He sticks his hand into the great beyond and to all of ours surprise say "Well alright let's have a baby! You can start pushing sweety." WHAT! Wait it's happening now? Where's her hubby, where's his mom, everyone hurry! I jumped of my little bed with more energy then I've had in 8 months and run to her side. She grabs my arm and tells me "Don't you leave me!" 

Well I have never witnessed a birth other then the two I was birthing, so I was a little nervous. I held a foot and her head and we pushed, well she did, I had to keep reminding myself not to push yet. As much as I didn't want to watch it all go down because I know I'm about to travel down the same road very shortly now, it's like a car accident, you just can't look away! Next thing I know there's a head and the doc looks like he's going to puncture my nephews little neck as he pulls on his poor head. But out he pops and he's a screaming. Wow it's totally different when your watching and not the one pushing. What an experience! 

So I got home around 9 pm, just exhausted and now I have to get ready for the baby shower of a life time! The Red Queen was unable to throw me a baby shower the first two times, so this time it's not about me, it's about her! I'm ok with that, she tends to throw amazing parties so I know I wont be disappointed. I've already seen and heard about the decor which is none other then Alice in Wonderland theme! She's been planning this party since we first started trying to conceive almost 2 years ago! 

So what's new with my bun in the oven?

Honestly not a lot. I'm super jealous now that my best friend is done, but I just need to make it one more week and I'm in the safe zone. Then I'll be jogging every day to help vacate my occupant. Rent is  late hunny and it's time to evict! I will tell you about a few things I discussed with my midwife on my last visit as I think it's important for other pregnant woman to know. 

I had Asama as a teen, it went dormant when I hit my early twenties and then about 2 weeks ago I noticed I was wheezing  Not having full blown Asama attacks just a little wheezing, but I was a little worried. The midwife said it's totally normal that woman can get their Asama back at the end of a pregnancy but that it should go dormant again as soon as the baby is born. The other thing I talked to her about is I feel like the very top of my hip bone is bruised from the baby kicking it, she said "Does it feel like you ran into the corner of a table?" I said "Yeah that's the perfect way to describe it" So yea she pretty much said if they could see inside to the other side of our skin there would probably be lots of bruises! So every time this little girl moves I'm like Ahhh and everyone around me panics, oh she's just moving, no big deal. Guys let me clue you in on something, for us tiny girls especially, it hurts when the baby moves! 

Well I promised a sneak peak of our family photo shoot with the belly bump, the rest will be up for Wordless Wednesday. Photo's taken by my very good friend Dee, check her out at Now to go get ready for my adventure in wonderland!

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