Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Fave #20

Friday - 3.29.2013

So here we are Friday again. It's funny the weeks fly by but the day's crawl. Guess that's what happens when your so close to the end of a nine month waiting game. 3 weeks till my due date and I'm so ready to go! Nesting has been completed, everything is set up and ready for her. Well tomorrow I'll post more in my Bun in The Over update.

Remember the remodel going on at my parents house? So the house has been completely gutted: tile carpet, drywall and the kitchen are completely GONE! It's the strangest thing walking into the house I grew up in and just nothing. For those of you just reading about this, here's the short story. My parents house had a pipe burst about a month ago and completely flood the entire house. The insurance is paying for everything to be remodeled which is really awesome because my parents wanted to sell but couldn't afford to fix it up enough. So now my hubby and I are thinking about buy it after it's remodeled. So we picked out molding this week as well as had the carpenter come by to see what we want to do in the kitchen. I've never been so excited about things like pantries and spice racks. I love to cook so this is my favorite part so far.

Ok here's the regular weekly stuff. I'm really hittin this site hard, I'm back into Coastal Vacation and have the site all set up, if your interest check out the Make Money page. I'm promoting a ton of giveaways right now and have a few blogger opps too! If you haven't already, go link up over on Tuesday's Tea Party or even better sign-up to co-host!

I joined up with Dawn's Desaster for FTSF, so get over there and link up! This week's sentence...

If I could hang out with any celebrity, it would be Christina Applegate. I've always thought she is gorgeous  but more then that I'm fascinated with the roles she choose to accept. She just seems like a very real person, not letting fame go to her head or make her act crazy. I have read that she is extremely smart with a very high IQ and that she chooses the roles she does to challenge herself. She just seems like she would be fun without getting in too much trouble. So who would you choose?

OMG Becky this blog is so stinkin cute. Meredith at The Southern Northerner just cracks me up. I love the little character she drew of herself and all the little situation said character finds herself in. Anyway she fun and real, so head over and show her some love!


This post means a lot to me. I view my marriage as the best thing to ever happen to me. Most of my readers know I'm on my 4th marriage, but that it's not because I didn't take my other marriages seriously but because of circumstances. My 1st was killed in a car accident, my 2nd was a big mistake as of being momentarily insane from losing my first and my 3rd cheated on me repeatedly. So now the love of my life and father to all my children (blood or not) has my heart, I consider my marriage to him a life long commitment that nothing can break. I really appreciate her post because marriage is a serious commitment that most young ones these days don't take seriously enough.

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  1. Thank you for featuring me.

    I hope the final days of this pregnancy go quickly and smoothly for you. I look forward to seeing the lovely pictures. :)

    Southern Northerner is a great blog for sure. :) I follow her too.

    1. your very welcome! And thank you for sending good vibes!

  2. Thanks for linking up with us Alice and love Christina Applegate since back in the day with Married with Children. Also, thinking of you this close to the end of your pregnancy and hoping for a safe healthy delivery now!! :)

    1. Thank you for hosting a fun hop! and for sending good pregnancy vibes too!

  3. My favorite Christina Applegate moment is the SNL skit she did with Chris Farley and the little guy whose name I'm forgetting...hilarious.
    And I'm sending you good pregnancy vibes, too! Also, followed you on Twitter.

  4. Hope all goes well with the arrival of your little one! That's too bad about your parents house flooding- lucky for the insurance! It must be really nice to start from scratch and pick out everything though- especially if you end up buying it :)

    I wanted to invite you to join in our weekly Meet & Greet Blog Hop! It runs from Friday nights till the end of Monday, come link up if you have some time :)

  5. I actually kind of loved Christina Applegate's new grown-up TV was really funny. Great choice!

  6. I love Christina Applegate! Her sense of humor is so completely right on, at least for me. I would bet she is exactly the same in real life! And I loved that show Samantha Who? I know the in the end all was resolved, but it was so sad to see it go, and she did an amazing job acting both "Sams!"

  7. I think I'm one of the few who liked Christina's dead babysitter movie (The actual name eludes me right now. Happens when you get old.) She doesn't seem like the typical Hollywood actress. Maybe that's why she's lasted so long. Good post!

  8. Hi, Alice! You mean she's more than the ditzy blonde from "Married, with children?" ;) An interesting choice. Sending more good wishes on your bringing a new little one into the world safely and with much good health. :)