Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 24 - Bun in the Oven

Saturday - 12.29.12

Officially 6 months today!!!

Development: She's been busy growing this week, it's said she gain 4 whole ounces! That puts her at a little over a pound. She's about as long an ear of corn which is about a foot long.

Movement: Well let me put it this way, we went to the hospital, had an ultrasound done and my husband is now convinced she's really going to be a soccer player. She was kicking me in the cervix over and over again! Movement is an understatement!

Weight Gain: I feel like I'm not gaining enough, which probably sound crazy. But last visit I only gain 3 pounds and I can tell I haven't gain anything since then. I have always had tiny baby bellies, but I guess I was just thinking I would be a lot bigger this time since I started off weighing more then I did before.

Maternity Clothes: I've discovered how wonderful lose fitting, flowy dresses are! I'm more of a blue jeans kinda of girl but comfort hows out weighed looks and dresses are amazing right now!

Best moment of my week: Just having my hubby home most of the week and knowing I get him for 6 whole days next week. I just adore him, he takes such good care of me.

Worst moment: Having to go to the hospital at 3 in the morning because I'm having contractions. Thanks goodness there is no other signs of labor. Every thing else is good. I can handle being in the pain as long as I know it's not causing my little girl to come early.

Sleep: I tell you what now that I've gotten use to sleeping on one side the whole night with my body pillow, sleep has been a lot more peaceful.

Miss Anything: It hasn't changed, just being active. I'm one of those nonstop moms, always busy, doing things with my kids, hubby and friends. But I've been stuck in the house and barely able to move. So I'll be happy to get back to a normal life.

Food Cravings: SWEETS! Oh goodness me, I already had a bad sweet tooth, but dang it's gotten worse!

Gender: With all this estrogen, I have no doubt that not only is she a girl, but she's gonna be a girly girl!

Symptoms: Contractions!

Labor Signs: Just the contractions, but like I mentioned before no other signs. So were still safe.

Belly Button: Hasn't changed much from last week.

Mood: Yes! A little emotional, maybe just the thought of going into labor so early had my nerve a little fried. Slightly cranky too.

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