Monday, December 31, 2012

My very last 2012 rant

Monday - 12.31.12

Ok so it's the last rant of the year! I have a total mom hissy fit right now, but the funny thing is my kids didn't do it, it was the Mother Oyster. It's not that she purposely did anything wrong it's just one of my biggest pet peeves is the dishes being done correctly. I am truly am starting to believe that it does takes rocket science to load the dishwasher! 
When my son does the dishes he KNOWS how to load the dishwasher or he does it again. He knows my knives, pots & pans and giant mixing bowls do not go in the dishwasher. I have a reason for everything I do. For instants knifes need to be hand washed because the hot water in the dishwasher loosens the handles. Pots & pans are hand washed because the hot air leaves rust spots. I'm not sure why there isn't a Dish Washing 101 class everyone is required to take but I might have to come up with the book!
So back to loading the dishwasher correctly. There is a rhyme and reason to how dishes MUST be put in the dishwasher, if they are not they don't get clean! In my dishwasher the sprayer comes up from the middle, so in order for the plates and other dishes on the bottom tray to get clean they must be loaded facing inward. Mother Oyster had them all facing out.
Then for the silverware, they sit in a create like thing towards the front of the bottom tray. All the silverware must be place in the create facing up. If you put them downward the food that gets caught in the bottom of the create and sticks to the silverware!
I know this is stupid stuff but honestly how hard is it to think to yourself "What is the best way for this to get cleaned?" The bad part is I lived with the Mother Oyster and she was just as bad at her own house! I love her and I am so appreciative of her wanting to help, I just wish she knew how to load a dishwasher.
The icing on the cake, which pretty much sparked me to want to rant about this in the first place was this. She left a sippy cup lid screwed on! Yes lid on cup in the dishwasher! Thats it I'm done. Dish Washing 101 anyone?
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