Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Fave #12

Friday - 12.28.12 

Wow I woke up in a very good mood this morning! I'm so late at getting this post up though! Every week I read through what feels like thousands of blog post. And every week I'm adding new blogs to that list. So choosing my favorites of the week is not always an easy task. But just so everyone knows no one pays me to pick them, I don't except bribes or anything like that. I just think there are some great writers out there and I think they should have a moment of fame.

So let's start with the usual stuff, Tuesday's Tea Party is really starting to take off thanks to all my wonderful co-hostess!  I'm finally getting co-host set up for weeks out now. Who know it would grow so quickly. Thanks every one for making this blog hop a kicking party! Of course if you would like to sign-up to co-host the blog hop, I would love to have you. I am going to be changing the layout of it just a little bit as I've gotten some great ideas from other hops to give my co-host more exposure. The ad space giveaway will still be going on the hop, and co-host get free links on the rafflecopter for that. So watch out  this next Tuesday for the new layout!

The giveaway for the social media icon ends Monday, Dec 31, so if you need to jazz up your blog swing on over for that. If you really want a jazzy new blog head over to my design site Bombshells Designs to get the scoop on what I can do for you!

So now on with the show!

This is one funny father. Sometimes as moms we think we run the show when it comes to our kids, but it's nice to see a dad who steps up big. I love following his Facebook feed, it never fails I will be cracking up. Fodder 4 fathers is sure to make you laugh and keep you entertained.

Island Livin

Lair, lair. Pants on fire.
by Island Livin' with One Haole Girl

This is Island Livin' and boy does she have a vent any blogger that does giveaways can relate to! When we do giveaways it takes a lot of work to coordinate other blogger to promote, write the blog post codes, take pictures, set up the Rafflecopter and the countless hours that go into all of well, you get the point. So when we set up these giveaway we expect the people who enter them to do what they said they did in order to receive that entry. Nothing is more irritating then picking a winner only to find out they didn't actually like all the Facebook pages or post to twitter about the giveaway, whatever it is they SAID they did. Anyway I wont rant too, she did a good enough job for all blogger! Thank you dear for getting this in the opn, it need to be heard by all those that enter giveaways!
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