Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not So WW: My Wedding Day

Wednesday - 12.12.12

Although I've been married a little over two years, I thought I'd share some of my favorite wedding photos. Today seemed like a pretty logical day as my anniversary didn't fall on a Wed, and seeing as today is 12.12.12. and I was married on 10.10.10, it just feels right.

I don't want to use the cliche that I married my best friend, but I really did. In fact so much so that for years I considered him an older brother type. Let me tell you it was a little awkward when I first realized I "liked" him, after knowing him almost 15 years. I will never forget telling my mom after going out one night still as friends... "Mom, whats wrong with me, I think I want to kiss the Mad Hatter, like really kiss him, like mom I think I like him!" Her perfect reply was "Uh he's not your brother in the flesh, your aloud to like him. Not to mention you know he will always be good to you having that strong of a history." I was the one girl he would always like but never expected to get. He was the one guy that puppy dog slaved for me, but I was too blind to see, until now.

I just found out a few nights ago this funny story, (and then I'll get to the pictures) that when I got pregnant with my son (back when I was 17) he ran around telling people he couldn't believe he wasn't his! Now we have a blissful marriage, one I wouldn't trade for anything. Enjoy our special day.

Photos by ShutterDee Photography (<3 U Dee)

My adorable kids before hand
The White Rabbit walked me to my waiting groom

You ready? Yea, you?
It's not what it looks like... I was a "little bit" late to my own wedding!
You're stuck now buddy!
Where's the paaaarty!
Trav I think your a little late bro, he's taken!
My Mommy

Now we're a real family
That's what dad's are for!

True Love

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!

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  1. Awe! This is beautiful! Brought a tear to my eye. Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.