Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Fave #10

Friday - 12.14.12 

Wow this week was boring in real life. Sat at home with a sick tot all week only to get the cold that never goes away... again! My chiropractor confirmed what the doc said about my leg, it's a compounded pull which means every step I take makes it worse and in essence is why every step hurts. He said pregnant women pull muscles all the time, they just think it's a back ache and part of being pregnant. So it being in my leg is just more noticeable and ultimately more annoying. But oh well I'm coping, I guess.

So as you can see all this free time has been put to use on my blog. Lots going on this week on here, the blog hop is starting to pick up steam, if you would like to sign-up to co-host, slots are open. Starbucks gift card giveaway ends today. And I still need bloggers to promote the custom design social media icon giveaway. And what else, I guess that's it for blogging.

I'm very excited about my new tablet, it's my in advance push present. I had never heard of a "push present" until the White Rabbit told me about it. The whole thing is that your hubby buys you a nice gift for carrying and of course pushing out his baby.  Well I was jipped the first two time so you better believe I am capitalizing on it this time! I really really wanted a tab for some time now and seeing as it doubles as a business investment, he caved and bought it for me early. I'm spoiled and loving every minute of it. Now on to the faves.

My Favorite Blog

I follow quite a few money saving mamas, so I thought I would highlight one this week. Let's Start Saving Now is a mama of three older kids that got hit with health problems, so she decided to start saving. She shares the deals she finds and a smile along the way. Go check her out and tell her Alice says thanks!

My Favorite Post

And the walls... Come tumblin' down
By A Plucky Procrastinator 

There are't too many people that can say they never been hurt in love. I really related to A Plucky Procrastinator's post because after I married my current husband I realized jut how high I had built my walls after being widowed in my first marriage, mentally abused in my second and then later cheated on in my third. So when I read how others deal with all the built up pain life has thrown at them it helps me tear down my own walls.

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!

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