Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Tried to Step in Their Shoes (Sandy Hook)

Thursday - 12.20.12

I debated for a long time if I should write about this tragic event, I didn't just want to make a forced statement because I blog and everyone else was doing it. If it was going to happen, I wanted it to come from the bottom of my heart. Yes, this event struck tears, how could it not. Even if I didn't have kids, it's still shocking. But as I looked at my own children all I could think about was being in those parents shoes. Terrible things happen in this world everyday, so many things we must try to protect them from. Well, this came to me and I just started typing, it's a poem to the parents, teachers, policemen and children of Sandy Hook. I have experienced tragedy first hand but I can only image the pain they are facing. I pray for the families.

It took me a while to write out my feelings,
I didn't want to be filled with anger,
I tried to step in their shoes.

I read the reports and saw the faces,
my heart started hurting and tears formed,
I tried to step in their shoes.

I saw pictures of policemen crying over the things they saw,
I read about a young, beautiful teacher giving her life for little children,
I tried to step in their shoes.

I saw before pictures of little children faces, beaming brightly with big smiles,
I saw a mother calling loved ones to tell of her child's passing,
I tried to step in their shoes.

I hugged my children a little tighter and tried not to get mad over little things,
my heart was stabbed with fears as I sent them off to school,
I tried to step in their shoes.

I prayed to God to bring comfort to all those affected, 
read scriptures silently to fortify my own hope and faith,
 Walking in their shoes is a pain no parent should ever have to feel.

By Alice Kingsleigh

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