Monday, November 26, 2012

Boys Backyard Camp-out Party

Monday - 11.26.12

I made my son a deal last school year, if he made "honor roll" at least 3 times by the end of the year, I would throw him a slumber party. He did it and I put together an amazing race and camp-out party with 14 boys ages 10 - 17. They had so much fun, my husband and I were exhausted but it was totally worth it!

So the day started off with an amazing race. It took me a week to organize it! I divided the boys up into 3 teams, each with a teenager as captain. I made 10 clues for each team, yes that's 30 clues that I had to make up stupid little rhymes for. They started at my house with their first clue, which would lead them to their next clue and so on and so forth. They each had a map of the neighborhood. They ran around for about 2 hours until one team finally came back with all 10 clues. They had so much fun, even the teenagers like it!

However, you should have seen me running around like a chicken with my head cut off before they showed up! I slipped in a puddle of water on my kitchen floor and sprained my ankle. So the Cheshire Cat drove me around the neighborhood and I hobbled from site to site planting clues. I'm sure my neighbors were wondering what in the world this crazy limping lady was doing! Got back to the house just in time to set up the back yard into a sugar fest. My hubby and I had bought so much candy we still have some, not to mention cookies, brownies and and nacho cheese, these boys were in heaven.

As many of the boys that weren't too cool for a pic!
Roasting Marshmallows

After the race they ate pizza and drank soda. Once it got dark they roasted marshmallows and played with glow sticks. My hubby had set up a tarp over the swing-set as the tent and tarped the ground, not that they really ever used it. Since our room is in the very back of the house we are pretty much in the backyard. So with my window open I could hear them loud and clear, I might as well had been in the tent. By 3:30 am I had to lay the smack down, they sounded like a bunch of giddy teenage girls. I wouldn't have cared so much if we didn't live in a very snug neighborhood, my next door neighbors are practically in my backyard.

Playing with the glow sticks in the dark.
They quieted down but I knew they weren't sleeping. I woke up at 7 am and the sight was that of an all night kegger! One boy had pushed all my bar stools together and was asleep on those. There was about 4 boys piled on my big couch, one in my chair, a couple on the floor, one lone ranger out on the back porch, a few actually in the tent and where was my kid... in his own bed!!! Come to find out later a water balloon had gotten thrown into the tent, so no one wanted to sleep in there. BOYS!!!

Tent Dwellers
Lone wolf on the porch

floor lovers

bar stool snoozer
couch crashers







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