Friday, November 2, 2012

The Pregnancy

Saturday - 11.3.12 

So I know I have been pregnant for four months now and I haven't really been writing about it. I guess I didn't want to just whine and complain about being nauseas and tired for three months. So now that I'm back among the living, well at least until the third trimester, I figured I share.

It's not really that exciting yet, I'm just happy I can finally eat dinner and not want to gag at the smell of anything gross. I have done a couple ultrasounds and man is this kid active great another ADD child. I'm guessing it's a girl just based on how high my hormones levels have been. My husband says it's going to be a boy just because he wants me to be wrong. However, this is one of those times I'd be happy to be wrong, I really want another boy, I think they are soooooo much easier. Half the drama and half the worry, not to mention I'm a huge tom boy myself. Either way we find out Nov. 26th, should the baby cooperate.

Already I can barely see my toes and bending over is out of the question. And dear God can I please quick leaking! Is the "natural lube" stocking up for some kind of drought after this kid is born? Is it really necessary to start producing this much lube when I still have five months till I need it! Anyway other then that things have been pretty easy. I can still wear my jeans (with a belly band) so I'm happy about that. And thank God my appetite is back. Well, maybe...

I am a little worried about becoming a huge cow from this pregnancy. Before I got pregnant I weighed a little more then I did full term with either of my other kids. What can I say I did what most people do when they are finally happily married, I got fat. But I was totally ok with where my weight was because for most of my life I heard "You look anorexic" when I really wasn't. I'm not super worried, just a little. I'm actually on a good track so far, since I was so sick at the beginning of the pregnancy I actually lost a few pounds. I guess really what I'm afraid of is having to give up my lazy life style to do exercise and lose the weight.

13 weeks

Oh I guess I should mention I am officially 16 weeks today or 4 months and the due date is April 20, 2013. Which means I still have five more month of using the excuse of being pregnant for anything I don't want to do, demanding strange food requests at odd hours of the night and being spoiled by everyone. I'm also feeling the baby move already. No kicks or anything just rolling around. It's weird to be feeling it so soon, but being this is my third kid I'd hope I can tell the difference between gas and movement. My husband is pretty excited to feel and see his offspring move around, this is his first baby so he's never experienced watching elbows and feet poke out in creepy ways. I wish he could feel what I'm already feeling, it is pretty neat.
11 Weeks

Now that I'm writing about being pregnant I find myself marveling yet again at the thought of having another human being inside me. It is truly amazing. For as much as I complain about being uncomfortable, I don't particularly enjoy 95% of being pregnant, but when I do just sit back and think about what's actually going on I start to pray. I know that sounds odd and I try not to be overly religous on my blog, even though I really am in person. It's just I'm overwhelmed by how amazing it truly is, the design behind it all.

I mean really God has a pretty hilarious sense of humor if you think about it. And God said to man: "Man I'm going to give you this strange looking thing thats going to hang between your legs. And woman is going to have a hole to stick it in. Your going to smack your bodies together and this will create more life. I guess I can make it feel good so you'll want to do it." Ok so maybe that not quite how the conversation with Adam went down when God gave him "the talk" but it's really funny to me that thats how it all works.

Anyway if you want to keep up with the more scientific weekly updates I have one of those pregnancy calendars on my Facebook profile: Alice Kingsleigh, feel free to friend me!

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me! 

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  1. Feeling the baby move is definitely my favorite part of pregnancy. I miss that feeling. Congratulations!