Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday's Fave #7

Friday - 11.23.12 

Another Friday is here. I'm sure most of you are off visiting with family and friends. I hope you all enjoy your time off and have safe travels. For those of you bored of the fam already, here's a quick peak at my fave's this week!

My Favorite Blog


This is Annalee at Happiness At The Core, her story, as sad as it is, brought me great strength within. She writes about over coming the loss of her newborn baby, Maya and being able to still find happiness within herself despite going through this terrible tragedy. Going through some great losses myself, I had a very hard time finding happiness within myself again, in fact I still do, so I deeply respect her for fighting so hard to keep hers.

My Favorite Post



Sunday Roast – Lamb leg with red wine gravy
by Carole's Chatter 

Don't ask how I can go from sad to stuffing my belly, sometimes it just happens like that. Anyway I have to try this, I have never made lamb at home. I have eaten some really good lamb dishes though and was thrilled to stumble onto this amazing looking rack. Even more so because it sounds so easy to make. Let ya know how it goes when I do!



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