Sunday, November 25, 2012

Food Dehyderator

Sunday - 11.25.12 

 As many of you know I love to cook and my husband loving this about me, indulges me with just about any kitchen gadget my heart desires. This time however, HE had a want and bought ME a new gadget. See how this works.

He wanted homemade beef jerky, which if you have read my stuff for even a short period of time you know I love homemade anything. Anyway he wanted homemade jerky, so one day guess what shows up at my door... a food dehydrator! He takes it out of the package and exclaims look what I got you hunny! I say "I don't recall asking for a dehydrator." He says "I know but I want beef jerky so I bought you one". Again see how this works!

So after we make three types of jerky, which by the way were amazing! I decide to try out the fruit roll up tray. I blend up some fruits and veggies in my Vitamix and spread it out onto the tray, and wait the 8 hours. Worked perfectly and the kids love them!

Next I made my favorite, it's actually a childhood favorite... my mom had a dehydrator when I was young and she would make these all the time, banana chips! Love them, just slice a banana onto a tray, wait about a day and presto! Yummy little take along snacks, when dehydrated banana have a sweet honey taste to them. I hate to admit I can eat a baggy full in one setting.

Maybe one of these days when I have time to do a couple product reviews I'll let you know how much I love my Vitamix Blender and now my Nesco Food Dehydrator... FYI I love them a lot!

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!

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